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Migration to Hugo

·171 words·1 min
This article describes my reasons for moving toe Hugo from Wordpress for my site.


Stakeholder Matrix

·295 words·2 mins
This article describes what a stakeholder matrix is and how to use it for projects.

Kernel Cleanup Using YUM

·346 words·2 mins
This technical article describes the process to use Yum to cleanup old and unused kernels on a RHEL based system.​

LVM Migration

·685 words·4 mins
This technical article covers how to migrate data from one LVM to a new LVM on RHEL based systems.​


Common OpenSSL Commands

·487 words·3 mins
This technical article looks a some useful OpenSSL commands for working with certificates.


Disable IPv6 RHEL7

·279 words·2 mins
This technical post goes through the steps needed to disable IPv6 on a Redhat 7 Based System

Set RHEL7 Hostname

·257 words·2 mins
This technical article walks through how to set the hostname of a server running Redhat 7 OS.