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Migration to Hugo

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Moving to Hugo #

I have decided to move my technical blog to Hugo this was primarily down to the fact that I can now put all my posts under Github version control, which allows more powerful management of documents. To enable this migration all articles will have to be converted into Markdown.

My current blogging software is Wordpress. Whilst it has served me well, I find it a little overkill for the documents I write and publish. It has quite an overhead using Apache, PHP and MySQL to server static content. Hugo uses a single Hugo binary to parse markdown files and create static HTML files. Apache is then used to serve the static content.

Each platform has its pros and cons, but for me, reducing overhead and improving version control/management is the deciding factor.

Moving to markdown will also give me some benefits:

  • Standard format for all articles.
  • Simple output conversion to PDF, Word, HTML and other formats.

Going forward I will provide a more in-depth details around my solution.