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Linux Patch Management Tutorial

·210 words·1 min
This tutorial provides a step-by-step guide on how to create and apply patches in Linux, including an example of patching a simple piece of software.

Automate Dynamic DNS Updates with Gandi API and Docker

·1506 words·8 mins
The article guides you through automating DNS updates with dynamic IP changes using Gandi API, Docker, and shell scripting. It extends a prior tutorial by encapsulating the script within a Docker container for easy deployment across platforms, ensuring uninterrupted DNS record updates.​

Domain Names and IPs for Documentation

·205 words·1 min
The article talks about using reserved domain names and IP addresses in documentation. It shares a list of reserved domains, IPv4, and IPv6 addresses as per RFC documents, making documentation easier and standard-compliant​.​

Radicale CardDAV And CalDAV Server

·619 words·3 mins
To decrease reliance on google services this howto describes how to setup your own contact (carddav) and calendar (caldav) server