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Link Collection 2

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A collection of links and articles ive found interesting and want to share.

General #

20 Future Technologies That Will Change the World by 2050

I recently shared an article called “The “Next Big Thing” in Technology : 20 Inventions That Will Change the World”, which got a few dozen thousand hits in the past couple of weeks. This calls for a sequel.

Work Lessons from the Pandemic

I’ve been thinking a lot about what changes in my work I’d like to keep, post-pandemic (can we even talk about a post-pandemic world? It still feels pretty far off). I’m trying to be deliberate and actionable about it.

Remote Work: 5 Strategies for Creating Long Term Support

Many people have been predicting that the pandemic will have a lasting impact on remote work. I came across an article the other day that stated prior to COVID-19, about 4% of the total U.S. workforce was working remotely.

Projects #

CCS811 Indoor Air Quality Sensor Driver in Rust

We spend an enormous amount of time indoors. The indoor air quality is often overlooked but it is actually an important factor in our health, comfort and even productivity. There are lots of things that contribute to the degradation of the indoor air quality over time.


An extension that removes ads from google search results and moves real results up!


Docker image secured by non-exhaustive list of features: HTTPS support with transparent Let’s Encrypt automation State-of-the-art web security, HTTP security headers, hardening etc.

Guides #

YubiKey for SSH, Login, 2FA, GPG and Git Signing

I’ve been using a YubiKey Neo for a bit over two years now, but its usage was limited to 2FA and U2F. Last week, I received my new DELL XPS 15 9560, and since I am maintaining some high impact open source projects, I wanted the setup to be well secured.

Traefik: canary deployments with weighted load balancing

Traefik is the Cloud Native Edge Router yet another reverse proxy and load balancer. Omitting all the cloud-native buzzwords, what really makes Traefik different from Nginx, HAProxy, and alike is the automatic and dynamic configurability it provides out of the box.

Building Serverless Microservices – Picking the right design

In the last article, we built a serverless microservice. But one microservice on its own doesn’t do much “by design”. In this post, we will start accelerating our microservice game, by adding a “simple” requirement that will shape our system.

Management #

Optimize Onboarding

It takes roughly 2 weeks to form a habit; it takes roughly two weeks to get comfortable in a new environment. A common mistake is to treat a new report’s first couple weeks like college orientation - social, light hearted, get-to-know-you stuff.

Learn The “Disagree and Commit” Exercise for Better Leadership

What can make us incredibly valuable at work - our willingness to disagree openly and commit to helping others succeed or sticking to our arguments even when others have moved forward and a decision has been made.

How to (Actually) Change Someone’s Mind

If you’re a leader, it’s likely that not everyone who works with you will agree with the decisions you make — and that’s okay. Leadership involves making unpopular decisions while navigating complex relationships with colleagues, partners, and clients.