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Link Collection 1

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A collection of links and articles ive found interesting and want to share.

General #

Why senior engineers get nothing done

You start with writing code and delivering fantastic results. You’re killing it, and everybody loves you! Rock on. Then your code hits production.

Entropy Explained, With Sheep

Let’s start with a puzzle. Why does this gif look totally normal?

Tech Trends for 2021 and Beyond

How much is being invested in Europe and worldwide in tech trends such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and 3D Printing, both now and in the coming years, and which countries are ahead of the rest of Europe?

Projects #

Your next meeting always before your eyes

MeetingBar works on macOS with your calendar. Join and create meetings in one click.

How to Use tmux on Linux (and Why It’s Better Than Screen)

The tmux command is a terminal multiplexer, like screen. Its advocates are many and vocal, so we decided to compare the two.


SSH-audit is a tool for ssh server auditing.

Guides #

Making a smart meter out of a dumb one for $4

As a geek who has a few servers and other devices at home, I can’t stop thinking about my power output. I always wanted live stats on my power consumption.

Automating your GitHub routine

Like many developers in the realm of Software Engineering, we are using git as our version control system.

Building a self-updating profile README for GitHub

GitHub quietly released a new feature at some point in the past few days: profile READMEs.

Using Ansible to automate my Macbook setup

I am soon going to get a new Macbook, and have been thinking about how to set it up quickly and easily.

Management #

Thoughts on giving feedback

A good, blameless feedback culture is essential for working together efficiently as it forms healthy relationships, fuels personal and professional growth and aligns us with common norms.

Expiring vs. Permanent Skills

Robert Walter Weir was one of the most popular instructors at West Point in the mid-1800s, which is odd at a military academy because he taught painting and drawing.